Stranded copper cable - Braided copper cable

round stranded and braided copper cables

SBO/KBO - Round stranded copper cables

They can be used where mechanical strength is a more desirable feature than flexibility


SDYO/KDYO - Round braided copper cables

By using thinner wire and a wire design that allows for smaller braid sizes with the same cross-section, they will find use in applications with limited space and requiring flexibility in the movement of connected components.


STYO/KTYO – Round braided copper cables

These braids are produced from annealed Cu-ETP1 wire according to DIN-EN13602. These wires are braided into bundles after calculating the required cross section. Unlike flexible braided strips, the wire bundles are spliced using machines that have 8/12 carriers so that they have a circular shape. These cables are used in a very wide range of devices and applications requiring both mechanical strength and flexibility.


SFYO/KFYO - Round stranded cables with tubular braid

These cables are a combination of twisted wire on the inside and braided shielding on the outside for greater strength and mechanical stability.


STO/KTO - Tubular braids for covering and shielding

Our shielding braided sleeves for shielding and shielding cables protect them from interference and ensure safe data transfer.


We are also happy to supply braids, made in small quantities according to your drawings and specific requirements.
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